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Black Bears to Play Hat Tricks 18 Times in 2023-24
September 24, 2023

Posted by: Bob Howard

September 24, 2023 - By Bob Howard of

Black Bears to play 56 games in their 3rd season in the FPHL
Binghamton NY – The Binghamton Black Bears will play 32 % of their regular season games against the team that has knocked them out of the playoffs in the Black Bears first two seasons in the Federal Prospects Hockey League, the Danbury Hat Tricks. 18 of the 56 game schedule for the Black Bears will be played 9 times at the Visions Veterans Memorial Arena and 9 times in Danbury at the Danbury Ice Arena. The Black Bears, who have been eliminated from the Commissioner’s Cup Playoffs by the Hat Tricks in both of their first two years, went to the max 3 games with Binghamton winning the first game and the Hat Tricks winning the final two games both years. Combined, the Black Bears are 7-11-1 in 19 games vs. the Hat Tricks in the first two regular seasons. After this season the two would have faced each other 37 times the most for the Black Bears vs. any team in the FPHL.

The Black Bears will face the “new” Elmira franchise, the River Sharks 13 times this season, 6 games at home and 7 in Elmira at the First Arena. The two teams will start the season and end the season against each other like last season. Binghamton will start on the road in Elmira on Friday, October 13th before the two teams meet in Binghamton on Saturday the 14th, Binghamton’s home opener. The Black Bears and the River Sharks end the regular season in Binghamton on April 13th and conclude their 13 game series with Tyler Gjuirch, MJ Maerkl and Geno DeAngelo swapping teams from the start of last season.

Binghamton and Watertown will also see each 13 times this season and the Wolves could be a tougher foe compared to last season with a lot of key signings this off season. The Black Bears will host the Wolves 7 times at the Visions Veterans Memorial Arena and make an appearance 6 teams at the Watertown Arena. The Black Bears and Wolves will have a key 3 games in 3 nights series near the end of the regular season playing Friday, March 22nd in Binghamton and then Saturday, March 23rd and Sunday March 24th in Watertown, which will be the 2nd weekend in a row playing 3 games in 3 nights which the Black Bears will do 5 times this season.

With the Black Bears playing Danbury 18 times, Elmira 13 and Watertown 13 teams for a total of 44 games, this left 12 games left for teams in the Continental Division. The Black Bears will face off against the Motor City Rockers 5 times, twice at the Arena and 3 times at the Big Boy Arena in Michigan. The team will split a 4 games series versus the Carolina Thunderbirds playing 2 at home and 2 in Carolina at the Winston-Salem Fairgrounds Annex on December 8th and 9th. To round out the schedule the Black Bears will see the Mississippi Sea Wolves twice in Binghamton on March 15th and 16th. Binghamton fans will not see Port Huron in Binghamton as the only game between the two teams will be in Port Huron on March 29th at McMorrran Arena.

The Black Bears will not see the two new teams (cities), with no games scheduled against the Blue Ridge Bobcats and the Baton Rouge Zedyko for the 2023-24 season. Also missing from the schedule is the Delaware Thunder who went inactive with no arena to play in for the next few seasons. The Thunder are looking to build a new arena in Dover, Delaware and plan on returning to the league when that is completed.

The Black Bears will play 23 games on Fridays and 23 games on Saturdays with 12 home games on Friday and 14 home games on Saturday. Binghamton will host 2 games on Sunday and a game on Wednesday and will see action on a Thursday this season on the road. Finally the Black Bears will be busiest in December and March playing 10 games in each month. Last season the Black Bears finished with a 36-15-5 record with 110 points, finishing 2nd in the Division to the Danbury Hat Tricks. and the Power Play Post Showw will have coverage all season of the Black Bears with Season 13 of the Power Play Post Show beginning on October 12th a day before the start of the regular season.

You can see the full schedule here along with the 3 game matrix’s including the Team Matrix, Day by Day Matrix and Month by Month Matrix.


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