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The Leagues

Binghamton's seven hockey clubs have been apart of four different hockey leagues over the last 49 years. The elite minor league for small hockey towns is the American Hockey League, which Binghamton has been apart of for 39 years. Currently Binghamton is apart of the Federal Prospects Hockey League with first year team, the Binghamton Black Bears. Binghamton teams have also played in the North American Hockey League & the United Hockey League. Below is a look at the leagues that Binghamton is and has competed in.

North American Hockey League (1973 - 1977)
Binghamton "Broome" Dusters - 4 years - 1973-1977

The North American Hockey League's short lived four seasons helped to create the most notorious hockey movie, Slap Shot, and was the beginning for professional hockey in Binghamton, New York. The NAHL was created in part by Binghamton Hall of Famer, Jim Matthews, who was also the Owner/President of the Dusters. The NAHL was originally apart of the Eastern Hockey League until the EHL split in 1973. The Binghamton "Broome" Dusters played in the league for all four seasons and played against the famous "Hanson" Brothers. To quickly explain the actual story behind the Slap Shot Hanson's: Jeff, Steve, and Jack Carlson played together on the Johnstown Jets, on the same line. Dave Hanson also played on the Jets, and the four shared a house together for a time. When it came time to cast the movie, Jack was off playing in the World Hockey Association, so Hanson got the part playing Jack. And all three movie "brothers" took the name of Hanson. Jeff Carlson plays Jeff Hanson, Steve Carlson plays Steve Hanson, and Dave Hanson plays Jack Hanson. The Dusters made it to the Lockhart finals in 74/75 but lost to the Johnstown Jets in a sweep by the Jets and the "Hanson's".


United Hockey League (1991 - 2010)
BC Icemen - 5 years - 1997-2002

The United Hockey League was a professional AA-level minor hockey league in the United States. It was established in 1991 as the Colonial Hockey League and renamed to the United Hockey League in 1997. The BC Icemen joined the league in 1997 and played five seasons though not winning the Colonial Cup. The BC Icemen won two division titles while playing in the UHL in the 98/99 and 99/00 seasons. The Colonial Cup is awarded to the team which wins United Hockey League playoffs.

Colonial Cup Winners: 2004 - Muskegon Fury, 2003 - Fort Wayne Komets, 2002 - Muskegon Fury, 2001 - Quad City Mallards, 2000 - Flint Generals, 1999 - Muskegon Fury, 1998 - Quad City Mallards, 1997 - Quad City Mallards, 1996 - Flint Generals, 1995 - Thunder Bay Senators, 1994 - Thunder Bay Senators, 1993 - Brantford Smoke, 1992 - Thunder Bay Thunder Hawks

United Hockey League Website -


American Hockey League (1936-Present)
Binghamton "Broome" Dusters - 3 years - 1977-1980
Binghamton Whalers - 10 years - 1980-1990
Binghamton Rangers - 7 years - 1990-1997
Binghamton Senators - 15 years - 2002-2017
Binghamton Devils - 4 Years - 2017-2021

The American Hockey League is the only AAA-level professional hockey league in the United States. Founded in 1936, the AHL has been one of the top affiliation leagues for the National Hockey League for 68 years. After accepting six of the now defunct International Hockey League teams as members, the AHL has 28 teams with the 29th joining in the 2005-2006 season. The Binghamton "Broome" Dusters were the first Binghamton team in the league when they joined in the 77/78 season. The Binghamton Whalers played ten seasons in the AHL and made the Calder Cup finals only once in the 81/82, the only Binghamton team to make it to the Calder Cup finals where they were defeated by Brunswick four games to one. The Binghamton Rangers won four division titles in the seven years they played in the American Hockey League. The Binghamton Senators added three more division title in fifteen seasons in the AHL and winning the Calder Cup Championship in 2011 under the leadership of Head Coach, Kurt Klienendorst. After the Senators left to go to Belleville, Ontario, Canada, the New Jersey Devils brought the Devils prosepects to Binghamton for four seasons. The Calder Cup is awarded to the team which wins the American Hockey League playoffs. The Calder Cup is named after Frank Calder, the National Hockey Leagues first president. Calder was instrumental in the formation of the AHL in the mid 30's and served as the NHL's president until February 1943.

Calder Cup winners
Calder Cup Championship List

American Hockey League Website -


Federal Prospects Hockey League (2010-Present)
Binghamton Black Bears - 2 Yeas - 2021-2023

The Federal Prospects Hockey League (FPHL) is a professional ice hockey league with teams in the midwestern, southern, and northeastern United States. Not affliated with the NHL or the AHL, the FPHL boasts a more fan friendly, fight friendly league with more affordable prices for the cities it serves. Players in the FPHL have some junior, collegiate and high level expierence but are usually players have don't have talent level that of the NHL, AHL or ECHL players. The Binghamton Black Bears are in their first season playing at the Visions Veterans Memorial Arena and have announced a second season for the 2022-23 season.

Commissioner's Cup Winners:
Commissioner's Cup Championship List 
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