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Ivashkin 34 23 57
Newberg 15 27 42
Gjurich 17 16 33
Powell 5 21 26

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Binghamton Pro Hockey Coaches
Below is a list of every head coach that has worked the bench at the Broome County Veterans Memorial Arena. In years where more then one head coach was used, a legend has been set up to explain the reason for the mid-season change.

Year    Coach             W- L- T- 0-S Leag Team
1973-74 Wayne Kitchingman 28-41-05-0   NAHL Dusters
1974-75 Wayne Clairmont   39-32-03-0   NAHL Dusters
1975-76 Wayne Clairmont   27-45-02-0   NAHL Dusters
1976-77 Larry Kish(HOF)   41-31-02-0   NAHL Dusters
1977-78 Larry Kish        27-46-08-0    AHL Dusters
1978-79 Joe Hardy         32-42-05-0    AHL Dusters
1979-80 Pat Kelly          8-19-03-0    AHL Dusters
1979-80 Dave Forbes       16-30-04-0    AHL Dusters I.
1980-81 Larry Kish        32-42-06-0    AHL Whalers
1981-82 Larry Kish        46-28-06-0    AHL Whalers
1982-83 John Cunniff      14-19-03-0    AHL Whalers
1982-83 Rick Ley          22-17-05-0    AHL Whalers II.
1983-84 John Cunniff      33-43-04-0    AHL Whalers
1984-85 Larry Pleau(HOF)  52-20-08-0    AHL Whalers
1985-86 Larry Pleau       41-34-05-0    AHL Whalers
1986-87 Larry Pleau       47-26-07-0    AHL Whalers
1987-88 Larry Pleau       27-25-05-0    AHL Whalers
1987-88 Doug Jarvis       11-09-03-0    AHL Whalers III.
1988-89 Claude Larose     28-46-06-0    AHL Whalers
1989-90 Doug McKay        11-60-09-0    AHL Whalers
1990-91 John Paddock(HOF) 44-30-06-0    AHL Rangers
1991-92 Ron Smith         41-30-09-0    AHL Rangers
1992-93 Ron Smith         28-05-05-0    AHL Rangers
1992-93 Colin Campbell    29-08-05-0    AHL Rangers IV.
1993-94 Al Hill(HOF)      33-38-09-0    AHL Rangers
1994-95 Al Hill           43-30-07-0    AHL Rangers
1995-96 George Burnett    39-31-07-3    AHL Rangers
1996-97 George Burnett    27-38-13-2    AHL Rangers
1997-98 Al Hill           25-40-00-9    UHL Icemen
1998-99 Brad Jones(HOF)   39-30-00-5    UHL Icemen
1999-00 Brad Jones        47-20-00-7    UHL Icemen
2000-01 Brad Jones        31-34-00-9    UHL Icemen
2001-02 Brad Jones        39-27-00-8    UHL Icemen
2002-03 John Paddock      43-26-09-0    AHL Senators
2003-04 John Paddock      34-34-09-3    AHL Senators
2004-05 Paddock/Cameron   47-21-00-5-7  AHL Senators V.
2005-06 Dave Cameron      35-37-00-4-4  AHL Senators
2006-07 Dave Cameron      23-48-00-4-5  AHL Senators
2007-08 Cory Clouston     34-32-00-9-5  AHL Senators
2008-09 Clouston\Hunt     41-30-00-5-4  AHL Senators VI.
2009-10 Don Nachbaur      36-35-00-6-3  AHL Senators
2010-11 Kurt Kleinendorst 42-30-00-3-5  AHL Senators VII.
2011-12 Kurt Kleinendorst 29-40-00-5-2  AHL Senators VIII.
2012-13 Luke Richardson   44-24-00-1-7  AHL Senators
2013-14 Luke Richardson   44-24-00-3-5  AHL Senators
2014-15 Luke Richardson   34-34-00-7-1  AHL Senators
2015-16 Luke Richardson   31-38-00-6-1  AHL Senators
2016-17 Kurt Kleinendorst 28-44-00-2-2  AHL Senators
2017-18 Rick Kowalsky     25-38-00-9-4  AHL Devils
2018-19 Mark Dennehy      28-41-00-7-0  AHL Devils
2019-20 Mark Dennehy      34-24-00-4-0  AHL Devils
2020-21 Mark Dennehy      07-20-00-5-2  AHL Devils
2021-22 Rod Davidson                   FPHL Black Bears IX.

I. Forbes replaces Kelly, who was fired on Dec. 24, 1979.
II. Ley replaces Cunniff, who joined Hartford as an assistant coach on Jan. 6, 1983.
III. Jarvis beomes Binghamton coach when Pleau left to coach Hartford on Feb. 7, 1988.
IV. Colin Campbell replaces Ron Smith, who left to become interm coach of the New York Rangers on Jan 4, 1993.
V. Dave Cameron was announced as Head Coach of the Binghamton Senators with John Paddock as the Co-Coach while the NHL was in a lockout state; both coaches tallied the team record for their own personal coaching stats.
VI. Curtis Hunt replaced Cory Clouston mid season, on February 4th, 2009.
VII. Kurt Kleinendorst was the first Coach Binghamton Hockey History to lead a team in Binghamton to a Championship Title.
VIII. With a move in the AHL to the Westen part of the United States and Canada, the American Hockey League lowered games played from 80 to 76 3 divisions while the Pacific Division played 68 games, moving forward.
IX. James Henry was announced as Head Coach but then accepted a position with the Reading Royals on August 23, 2021, never coaching the Black Bears in any games in the 2021 season.

Credits: Press & Sun Buletin August 20, 1993 edition & Hockey Internet Database

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